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ASAP Branding & Visuals

ASAP Branding & Visuals

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ASAP, the **AntStack Accelerated Startup Program**, is a dynamic platform designed to empower early-stage startups. It offers serverless technology solutions to efficiently build, deploy, and scale applications, combining cost-effectiveness with comprehensive support and innovative development tools.

Problem Statement

The Challenge

The challenge was to design an interface for the AntStack Accelerated Startup Program (ASAP) that appeals to a broad range of tech startups. The objective was to achieve an ideal harmony of creativity and professionalism, complemented by a sense of quickness and trustworthiness.. This approach aimed to make the platform not only visually engaging but also user-friendly and approachable, reflecting ASAP's commitment to supporting innovative, early-stage startups with their technological needs. The design needed to communicate the program's advanced, serverless solutions in a way that resonates with both tech novices and savvy entrepreneurs


Our Strategy

Through research, we concluded that incorporating elements of sharpness and a retro aesthetic with pastel colors would effectively meet the requirement of creating a balanced, engaging interface for ASAP, appealing to the diverse needs of early-stage startups.

Brand Identity


Brand Identity

Logo Ideation


The ASAP features swift and potent end-to-end solutions for startups, with each iteration incorporating a lightning motif to denote energy and speed. The below ultimate iteration has an angled skew that conveys the essence of acceleration and forward movement.

Colors & Typography

Combination of Sharp Edged Font & Pastel Colors

We incorporated pastel colors to align with its desired attributes of being technologically advanced, modern, and elegant, yet simultaneously conveying a sense of friendliness and approachability. This choice of color palette in both the logo and typography enhances the brand's tech-savvy image while fostering a user-centric and approachable visual identity.

Colors & Typography

Visual Identity

The Magic of 15

The unique visual identity of our brand is characterized by a distinctive -15 degrees skew and 15 degrees rotation, setting it apart from conventional designs. Emphasizing minimalistic shapes imbued with profound meanings, our brand palette embraces pastel colors to create a visually captivating and instantly recognizable appeal. This deliberate approach swiftly captures attention and distinguishes our brand as a standout presence in the market.


Premium & Dynamic

Utilizing vibrant visual identity and colors, crafted a dynamic single-page UI with captivating animations, enhancing user engagement and aesthetic appeal seamlessly.

Motion Graphics

In the ASAP explainer video, we combined AI voiceover timing with fluid transitions, bold text, and 3D animations, interspersed with abrupt, jagged motions for a unique visual effect.

Tools & Timeline

Tools & Timeline